DJ Spoony

DJ Spoony

The Dreem Teem were formed in 1996 after meeting on the pirate radio station London Underground.

Their musical integrity and DJ skills soon propelled them to the top of the UK Garage tree.

Putting UK garage on the map was their goal. This was highlighted when they were asked to host three shows a week on Kiss FM. Soon followed a stint on Galaxy and then Radio 1 came calling in 2000.

Sunday mornings were never the same as the nation and all its regions were now introduced to UK garage by its leading lights. These 6 years came at the height of the scene

International tours followed as UK Garage under their steering was now a huge deal. Ayai Napa was born and Ibiza now had a different kind of house music weekly.

It was inevitable the awards, collectively and individually, were to come, with Sony recognizing their radio skills and MOBO rewarding Spoony with 'Best DJ'.

The Dreem Teem have a vast discography of musical production and remixes, with work commissioned by Shola Ama, The All Saints not to mention the hit single in collaboration with Neneh Cherry.

They also had their own label DJ's For Life (DFL) which acted as a home for some of UK Garage's best underground music. Zed Bias, R.I.P and Jamieson all having releases thru the stable.

The 'Teem' we are part of the successful series of compilation albums 'INCredible Sound of…' still today regarded as one of the best examples of the genre.