2FOUR7 gives us an insight into his set on the FOUND stage and his The Hype Show on House FM

2FOUR7 is playing the FOUND stage at this year’s festival. Ahead of his performance, we sat down with to talk future plans, his Jerk & Drinks event and The Hype show!

How are you, what’s good and bad right now?

I’m really good. I’ve got some bright plans for the future, a few gigs
abroad this year which is exciting plus big plans for my Jerk and
Drinks event later on in the summer. What’s Bad... there just isn’t
enough hours in the day to do it all sometimes !

You started DJing at 15 - are you still learning?

Everyday! We can never stop learning, technology keeps advancing so I
need to keep as up to date as the equipment, which means I am
constantly learning.

Do you think with the advance of technology that kids don't have to
learn the basics as much as they did back in the day? Does that

Kids will never know about shopping for vinyl’s carrying heavy record
box’s to radio stations and night clubs lol.
They don’t really need to know the basics anymore because technology
has made it much easier, but in any DJ class I teach, you have to
start at the beginning. You need to understand the fundamentals before
you can grasp the rest.

What is the role of the DJ in your view - to educate, amaze, entertain or what?

All of the above really.
I think it’s important to create a show - you need to be visually
entertaining whilst showing the crowd new music, as well as playing
the classics.

You have a show on House FM - tell us about it, what it brings and why
you enjoy it?

My show is called “The Hype Show” on Thursdays 10pm til midnight! It’s
a very energetic show!
Those who know me, know about my energy, and that’s captivated on the airwaves!
Here comes the plug..... tune in guys! Thursday 10 til midnight!!

Radio has really exploded in recent years - why is that do you think?
Why do people love underground radio?

Underground radio always provides underground music - the latest and
newest tracks will always come through underground before the big
shows play them.
Which makes underground radio a very important key in the industry

You play 51st State Festival soon - how do you like club vs festival gigs, how do they differ for you?

I definitely prefer the festival gigs. Traditionally club DJs only
play at night in clubs. There is something special about DJing in the
day time and outside. To DJ whilst the sun is shining on you is a
totally different feeling and I love it!

I understand you have produced a bit before - any plans for any more?
If not, why not?

I do actually have plans to produce a few tracks later on this yeah...
So watch this space!

What will you do next after this interview?

Probably going to head home and tell Julie to get a couple cans in, this
interview was hard work lol!

2FOUR7 plays the FOUND stage at 51st State Festival 2018 on Sat 4th August.