51st Festival promised to be a fun filled celebration of Dance music, a hedonistic mix of old skool vibes, classic dance and modern bangers from some of the most iconic artists in the scene.  Taking place over a single day at Copthall Playing fields, a rolling green space nestled between Finchley and Edgware, first impressions of the site were certainly impressive and thankfully helpful security were on hand to point us in the right direction.

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Large big top style tents were dotted around the site with a whole load of food trucks offering delectable festival food, a multitude of bars we’re available, a main stage and even a fun fair in the centre indicated this was a festival that took providing entertainment for it’s visitors seriously.  Topping this off was a VIP area offering yet more bars, free vape pens for those so inclined and even more food options (big shout out to the delicious Greek wraps from Souvlaki!) and a private viewing platform for the main stage we’re all well laid out and much appreciated.

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The vibe from both staff and punters was from the start a happy, friendly and peaceful one with shimmering festival attire in abundance and smiles all round as everyone set out determined to enjoy the day’s party.  Early banging sets from Goldie and Fabio & Grooverider at the Metalheadz stage certainly got the crowd going and every tent boasted a happy crowd of festival goers all grooving along to their chosen beats.  Even the weather couldn’t resist shedding it’s cloudy mantle and shining the sun down on the proceedings as the afternoon wore on.

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The seven stages played host to some great sets from Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, DJ Spoony, Kelly Le Roc, Kathy Brown, Lisa Mercedes, Angie B to name but a few on the packed itinerary the day offered.  Considering gates opened at 11am and the festival closed at 10pm it was a truly exceptional achievement to keep things running as smoothly as they did!

Isha shah txc2022As the afternoon turned to evening the energy didn’t abate and the festival remained in full swing but still retaining the peaceable fun filled vibe we had come to expect from 51st.  The tunes were banging, the food was great and we particularly enjoyed sitting and watching the crowds pass by in the central area, music drifting from stage to stage alongside the cheers of the crowd.

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Did 51st Festival deliver on being a hedonistic yet accessible and welcoming celebration of Dance music?  You’re damn right it did, plus the earlier finish meant that we were home in good time and reflecting on our great day out.  If you’re looking for a day festival in the capital we have no qualms recommending 51st, we had an absolute blast!