Lady T chats about her Groove Odyssey main stage performance at 51st State Festival 2018

Ahead of her Groove Odyssey main stage performance at 51st State Festival, we caught up with HOUSE FMs Lady T!

How are you, what’s good and bad right now? 

Hey Yes I’m great and keeping busy with my London gigs and feeling excited for the summer ahead!

Do you plan sets? Put together playlists or pack a record bag differently for each gig?

I never plan sets, I just go with the flow of every event I do! Depending on what gig I do, I make a folder  of tunes for that event and just ride with that!

Tell us about your radio show on House FM- what's the aim and vibe? Is it different from one of your DJ sets?

I love Playing On House FM . . .  I feel that personally it shows how diverse my playlist is. I buy tracks for radio play where as I wouldn’t play them out so I think it’s been more personal with your listeners. My Aim is always to please the listeners with my vibes.

How important has radio been throughout your life- was it a gateway into dance music for you?

Very important, I truly believe it’s given me a great platform for where I can share my music with the World as well as plenty of gigs.

Are there any other radio shows you'd like to shout out that we should be checking out?

I Love RINSE FM and also Mi-SOUL and I’m a Big Fan Of Urban Dubz Radio.

How important is diversity on a line-up? Do you agree with things like Smirnoff’s Equalising Music campaign?

It’s very important to have diversity on a line-up as the ravers like a choice of styles that the different DJs can deliver.

You play 51st State soon - what sort of things can people expect from you, where are you at right now musically?

I’m super excited about 51 State Festival and have a few bullets in the bag already that will go down a TREAT. I’ll have my playlist all sorted by Aug so watch this space! My style will definitely start off SOULFUL.

What are you currently working on music-wise?

Currently I’m working on Vocals for one of my fav producers Jeremy Sylvester who has sent me his track and it is a bullet! I can’t wait to finish it off! 

What was the last record you bought and why?

The last record I bought was so long ago I couldn’t even remember. If you said what’s the last track I bought it would be Q Narongwate - Can You Feel EP. I’m really feeling this producer From Phuket in Thailand.

You can catch Lady T on the Groove Odyssey main stage at 51st State Festival on Saturday 4th August.