Meet Mola our headline sponsor 🤩🎪☀️

We’re excited to announce Mola is the headline sponsor at this year's 51st Festival 2023, and Mola drinks will be served throughout the whole festival, so make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy one of the fruity, flavoursome drinks!
Let’s get something straight off the bat, Mola is a premium CBD-based drink, it’s not illegal nor will it get you high, but when it comes to that feel-good factor, they’ve got you covered!

Mola will also have their very own Mola Chilled Drinks pop-up bar, so come say hi and get to know them! 
Mola Chilled drinks come in three delicious fruit flavours, White Candy, White Twisted Melons and White Lemonade. So you can choose whichever flavours you fancy on the day or maybe even all of them, for that maximum chill effect. You decide!
If you have never heard of Mola before, now’s the time to indulge in everything Mola Chilled Drinks! They look forward to looking after your taste buds and providing that premium chill to you during your festival experience.
You can also check out all things Mola on their website